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How to Increase your Intake of Omega 3 (Video)

Omega 3’s are important for health—they have a protective effect on cardiovascular health and could even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. There are many Omega 3 supplements and Omega 3 enriched products on the market. But it is also possible to obtain all the Omega 3 you need from your diet!


Blood Thinners and Greens: A Mix to Avoid?

12 September, 2016 No Comments

You might have heard that if you take an anticoagulant (blood thinner), like Coumadin (warfarin), you should stop eating, or at least eat fewer, green vegetables, because they contain too much Vitamin K. But is this really the case?

Butter or Margarine, Which Will You Choose?

Butter and margarine are both lipids. Therefore, it’s important to consume them in moderation. Only 30% of your daily calories should come from fats. The total amount of fat recommended is 65g/day for women and 90g/day for men. Keep in mind that a teaspoon of fat equals around 4g.

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Top Five Nutrition Changes as we Age

It is no surprise that we have an aging population; those over the age of 65 are the fastest growing population group! It is estimated by year 2030, more than one in five will be over the age of 65 (Heath Canada, 2002). As we age, our nutrition needs shift from a focus on growth […]

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Our “Heart-Healthy” Menus adopted by the Montreal Heart Institute’s Centre for Preventive Medicine

20 February, 2015 No Comments

We are very proud to announce a new strategic partnership with the Montreal Heart Institute’s Centre for Preventive Medicine (EPIC Centre), through its Foundation. Through this initiative, the Registered Dietitians of the EPIC Centre will prescribe our ‘Heart-Healthy’ meal plans to the patients. These meal plans are totally in-line with the Mediterranean diet, use mostly […]

TOP 10 Heart Healthy recipes

1 February, 2015 No Comments

For decades, scientists around the world have agreed that the Mediterranean diet helps reducing our risk of cardiovascular disease. This is one of the reasons why all our menus are inspired by this food pattern. The other reasons being the fact that it is palate-pleasing and very easy to make. To celebrate this month of […]

Price of olive oil on the rise

13 January, 2015 No Comments

There’s bad news in store for all you olive oil fans out there: brace yourself to pay more for this basic commodity of the Mediterranean diet, whose merits are praised by gourmets and dietitians alike. The disastrous olive harvest in southern Europe in 2014 is sure to cause an upward surge in oil prices (the […]

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There’s still too much trans fat on your plate

15 September, 2014 No Comments

Trans fats garnered loads of publicity in the early 2000s and with good reason. The scientific community unanimously agrees that these fats have a harmful effect on cardiovascular health. What’s more, with the exception of dairy products, these fats are found primarily in ultra-processed and nutrient-poor foods, which certainly doesn’t help their cause. To be […]

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The 7 main principles of the Mediterranean diet

Over the last fifty years or so, there has been growing scientific data on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet to prevent heart attacks, strokes as well as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer-type dementia and even depression. Here are the 7 main features of this diet, which is usually represented graphically by a pyramid:

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Preventing hypertension through diet

28 February, 2014 No Comments

What is hypertension? One is said to suffer from hypertension (or high pressure) when the force exerted on the walls of the arteries by blood pumped from the heart throughout the human body is higher than normal. If nothing is done to lower blood pressure, the blood vessels harden and blood circulation gets restricted. Since […]


Heart-Friendly Food Items

21 February, 2014 No Comments

Colored fruits and vegetables By consuming 4 fruits and 5 servings of vegetables a day, you absorb a fair amount of antioxidants. Make sure you consume a range of colors that include at least one green and one orange vegetable for a variety of vitamins. In winter, we stock up on citrus fruits and we […]

Eating well for a healthy heart: Beware of these 4 elements (part 2)

16 February, 2014 No Comments

Trans fats Derived from partially hydrogenated oils, industrial trans fats are the most harmful to the heart. They can increase bad cholesterol (LDL) and decrease good cholesterol (HDL). Since labels on processed food must indicate their trans fat content, it is easy to identify and avoid them.