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Louis D’Or, Canada’s best cheese

I finally managed to taste the Louis D’or, from Fromagerie du Presbytère in Sainte-Élisabeth-de-Warwick in Quebec. This is the same cheese which was awarded the 2011 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, organized by Dairy Farmers of Canada, two months ago. Louis d’Or is named for the farm that produces the organic milk used to make it. […]

Gratin dauphinois

31 January, 2011 No Comments

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on November 8, 2008. Gratin dauphinois (or scalloped potatoes) is a dish that gets its name from the Dauphiné region in the southeast of France. It consists primarily of potatoes that are slowly cooked in the oven, with milk or cream. As with all traditional dishes, there is […]


The warmth of cheese fondue

31 December, 2010 No Comments

Fondue, a classic of traditional Swiss cuisine is the ideal dish for a friendly get-together around the table, thanks in particular to the light-hearted rituals observed during the meal: If a cube of bread is lost in the fondue pot by a man, he has to buy a bottle of wine or a round of […]


A noble ‘pick me up’ of unknown origin

18 December, 2010 No Comments

No one knows the exact origin of tiramisu, which is without doubt, the most famous Italian dessert in the world. Five regions of Italy – Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli and Tuscany – claim to have invented it and many legends abound. According to one famous legend, this dessert was invented in the court of the […]

Milk and its various avatars

3 April, 2010 1 Comment

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on April 3, 2010. For over 7,000 years now, humans have been consuming the milk of certain mammals – cows, sheep, goats, camels, etc. But since milk turns sour when it is left standing, it was only consumed in a processed form, like butter, cheese and yogurt.

Yogurt – the latest food trend

1 February, 2010 No Comments

Originally published in Journal de Montréal on August 19, 2006. Yogurt is prepared from milk that is fermented by lactic bacteria. It’s an excellent source of calcium that contributes to the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones.


Lick your lips for just 1 Euro!

26 December, 2009 10 Comments

I have simply got to share with you the most fabulous discovery that I have made since my arrival in Italy: the raw milk vending machine! Newly arrived from a country where vending machines are the realm of empty calories and where raw milk cheeses are a delicate subject, I was absolutely stunned to see […]

Feta fetish in Quebec

5 December, 2009 No Comments

Originally published in Journal de Montréal on December 5, 2009. Feta is a brined curd cheese that is soft and white and produced in blocks. It has been made in Greece since ancient times, but its name only dates back to the 17th Century. It comes from the Italian word “fetta” meaning “slice”. The curd […]


Parmigiano, eight centuries of nobility

21 November, 2009 No Comments

Who has not heard of Parmigiano Reggiano (also known as Parmesan cheese in English), that granular cheese with a sharp and fruity taste, which has contributed so much to the diffusion of Italian cooking around the world?

Whip cream

Whipping Cream vs. Cool Whip

Hi Cinzia! From a nutritional point of view, is it more healthy to use real whipped cream or products like Cool Whip® or Nutri Whip® in recipes? Thank you! Stephanie

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