Meditation: Helpful for Sports Performance

16 December, 2019 ,

Contrary to what we might believe, meditation is not about stopping our thoughts or emptying the mind. Meditation “designates a mental or spiritual practice. It often consists of paying attention to a certain object of thought or to oneself. Meditation generally implies that the practitioner brings their attention in a centralizing manner to a single point of reference.”

Everyone can meditate! No matter what your age, health and physical condition, you can meditate.

How does meditation help sports performance?

For several years, the field of neuroscience has been interested in the practice of meditation. This practice has been proven to be valid, and several benefits are observable at the physical and psychological levels. Psychologically, it allows better control of reactions and an improved attention span. Improved concentration and a better awareness of thoughts and emotions are also recognized benefits.

On the other hand, on a physical level, we notice a better quality of sleep and a greater efficiency of the immune system through the decrease of cortisol (the stress hormone) and inflammation in the body.

Several studies have linked the practice of mindfulness meditation with the improvement of sports performances. It has been proven that better self-awareness contributes to better sports results.

This practice brings several benefits for athletes such as better breathing control, a positive attitude towards physical activity and better concentration on the task to be performed. It is noted that mindfulness mental training is increasingly offered to athletes as complementary training. Moreover, more and more gym and sports clubs offer various meditation activities: now it’s up to you to give it a try!

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