‘I voted for you’

26 September, 2011

No, I’m not standing for the next elections… And yet, last Saturday while I was shopping at the Jean Talon Market, I was accosted thrice – and that too in the nicest possible way – by women who greeted me eagerly with the following words: ‘Ms. Cuneo, I voted for you’.

‘How’s that?’ you’re asking yourself. Well, it’s just that I had become one of the 25 finalists in the ‘Woman of the Year’ contest organised by Chatelaine.

Obviously I am thrilled. Not only to have been nominated but also to discover that there are people voting for me and taking the trouble to stop me in the street to tell me that! I guess this is what politicians dream of 😉

To find out who the other finalists are, go onto the site of Chatelaine : there are some remarkable women in this small group and I am very proud to be in such good company.

If you participate, you could win a 4-day trip for two to Paris worth $ 6,300! Of course, voting for me doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically win the prize, but… it would really make me super happy to meet you in the street and hear you tell me that I got your vote!

To vote, first click on the VOTEZ POUR ELLE button on the page featuring the finalist of your choice and then fill up the participation form (in French).

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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