Common Diet Myths and Arthritis

29 May, 2018 , ,

Meal Plans Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

Then there’s the “tonic.” If you combine vinegar and honey your joint pain will go away. Well, it doesn’t. There’s never been any scientific evidence at all to support this claim, and while eating vinegar and honey together can’t possibly harm you, if you expect it will help your health conditions you’ll be bitterly disappointed.

So again, just remember there is no cure for arthritis. Yes, eating correctly will help you a lot but there is no silver bullet. Next time you hear some of these myths, research them thoroughly (and you’ll probably find nothing to make you believe them).

If you have this condition, get a reputable rheumatologist to help you. Get a reputable dietician too. Don’t just experiment on your own because of information you randomly found on the internet or in a junk email you never asked for. There is no doubt that eating right will help you. But eating right means just that, as opposed to following a crazy diet that asks for you to leave out some of the things that can help you most.

Superfoods do exist. For instance, turmeric and raw garlic have such amazing anti-inflammatory properties that eating them will help with your pain for sure. But the thing about those superfoods is that they’re backed by scientific studies and not just by a mythical diet that has become fashionable.

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